This is a personal blog written by a very outspoken, opinionated, and emotional woman. My day-to-day struggles are many, and there will be times when I share them here, and I may not be as tactful as some people would like. Here’s the thing: I’m not that tactful of a person. I am an honest person, and I try to speak the truth as I see it as often as possible. I never intend to hurt people with the truth, but given that I lack tact, people can be hurt by my words. Not always, but sometimes. It’s not intentional, I swear. I have a good heart, just not a good mouth.

The other thing that it is important you be aware of is that I swear (a lot) and have been known to use words many people find offensive. If you are one of those people, please consider yourself warned that you may not like what you read. I am also a very open person, and some of the topics about which I may or may not choose to write could possibly be on your list of do-not-reads. In which case, I suggest you follow your own moral turpitude and not read those posts. If you choose to read them anyway, well, then the onus is on you.

Please do not leave negative comments if you are disturbed by my choice of topics or word usage. You are in no way obligated to read any of this. However, if you disagree with any of my assertions and have a valid argument, please do me the honor of commenting and sharing your point of view. I love nothing more than an excellent battle of wits! You may sway me, I may sway you, we may agree to disagree, or we may never speak again. Either way, intellectual conversation is a must in my book and I will take it any way I can get it (I’m an intellect whore)!

So consider yourself warned…or titillated, whichever the case may be!


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