The girl behind the blog

There is nothing I can say about myself here that would really give you any indication of who I am. Everything about me is incredibly contradictory, and as such, stating that I am simultaneously stubborn as a mule and as accommodating as possible tells you exactly nothing. Anything there is to learn about me can be gleaned from reading my posts. And you will learn from my posts that I am brutally honest, but I can fool myself into believing anything if I want to believe it bad enough.

I can give you basic stats: I have reached my forties now, and I think 40 is pretty fabulous. I am a single mother of two young sons, both of whom have special needs (ADHD and CP, respectively). I wouldn’t have either of them any other way. I sometimes wish their lives were easier on them, but I truly believe that adversity builds character, and these two are brimming over with character.

I currently work part-time for a local community college in the Foundation Office, working primarily with the technical aspects of running a Foundation, including the website, our social media, learning and teaching new technology, external communications and design, etc.. The part-time thing was out of desperation for a job in an unforgiving market. It’s a good job, and I enjoy a lot of what I do, but my true goal is to use my recently-earned BS in Human Services to become a vocal and determined advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Grad school, now that is another ball game. We’ll see how things progress over the next several months and quite possibly one of the two master’s degrees I am drooling over may become a reality for me.

I am a writer by basic, albeit strong, skill, a reader because I cannot live without books, and a “helper” because I choose to live my life giving a hand up to anyone who needs it, a shoulder to lean on, heartfelt and honest advice, or whatever I can give of myself. I have not made it this far in my life without a few helping hands myself. Pay it forward, always. You’ll see that my passions are raising awareness of and advocating for mental health issues, special needs, military and veterans’ issues, and diabetes (I have type 1 myself).

So these are the basics. I know, they tell you nothing about me. But if you become interested in my posts, you will slowly reveal the girl behind the blog…


Read what you will into this photo.
Especially if you know the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow…

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