We could WIN a wheelchair van!

Although we are still working hard on our fundraising efforts for Jaime’s wheelchair van through That’s How He Rolls on facebook and That’s How He Rolls on wordpress, I entered a contest to win a wheelchair van. It’s a long shot, really, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try!

But we need your votes to help us get there! Voting is open now until May 10, and you can vote once a day per IP address. This means, if you have multiple devices at home linked to you internet access, either by router or wi-fi, only one of those devices can vote per day. So if you get a message that says you have already voted today, it’s because someone else on your network has already voted that day.

One way around that, obviously, is to vote from home and from work, and if you have an iPad or similar tablet-like device, any location that has free wi-fi (McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.). Hey, you don’t even have to go in to McDonalds, just park in the lot and use your iPad! Another way around it is to turn off your wi-fi connection on your smart phone and use your mobile data to access the website. Your smart phone will have its own IP address. But if you use mobile data, you can only do that once a day, too.

It’s a pretty odd way to control voting, since contests normally let you vote once a day per email address. This way seriously limits the number of votes. For example, I work at a college where over 300 people are connected to one network, thus putting us all on the same IP address. So if I go to work and vote there, no other employee at the college can vote from their office. Kinda stinky, really, since that is costing us a potential of 300+ more votes per day. I have emailed the company running the contest to let them know how many votes they are costing us, but I have not heard back yet.

When you click on the link, it will take you directly to my page to vote for us. You will need to fill in your name and email address, check off how you are related to the person you are voting for (lots of options there), and then answer a very simple math question (which is their equivalent to that annoying ‘captcha’ thing other sites make you do). But before you submit your vote, look to the left of that information and there will be a link to a disability related question which, if you get it right, will give you an extra vote!

So please vote often! It’s very easy to vote, and even easier to share, so please just click a few links, type a few words and do it for Jaime!!!! We are very excited about this, but we are way behind the leader, who has over 7,000 votes already! Votes are supposed to be updated in real-time, and we are just under 1,000 and need to build up our momentum!!!

Thank you sooooo much!

(Just in case you didn’t catch all those links in the text, here it is: http://www.mobilityawarenessmonth.com/entrant/maggie-warren-marmora-nj/)


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