Ode to My Socks

I absolutely love this poem, particularly the imagery. I just mentioned to someone that they should read it. And it occurred to me as I sat down to post this that it is so very appropriate for this week’s weather! This is translated from Portuguese (not by me, of course).

ode to my socks


3 thoughts on “Ode to My Socks

  1. hay thanks for commenting on my blog look forward to reading this blog of yours you should post more about special needs but I like english stuff to except for poetry. I am in American lit two this sesmester

    1. So, no poetry, huh? American Lit is awesome (I have an Associate’s in Literature, and am working towards my Master’s in Communications…all in good time). I think maybe you’re just not reading the right poetry. I’ll have to give you a few reading assignments to give you a better taste for it. Do you like Shakespeare? Not reading a whole play, but certain pieces of his plays, can be awesome. I especially love his comedies!

  2. Reading this in English for a project and I love it! I also read A midnight summers dream in reading and it was delightful! Thanks for posting this! 😀

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