2013 Goals

In keeping with my mission to seek and find, I have set a list of goals I hope to achieve in 2013. Notice I said ‘hope’ to achieve. We set goals for ourselves to accomplish in a given amount of time. I wish to accomplish these goals by the end of 2013, but as with all goals, some of them may end up needing more time and will not be accomplished by then. That’s ok, see, because as long as I am making progress towards these goals, I will consider myself to be heading in the right direction.

No, these are not resolutions. A resolution is something you intend to do and then give up on within the first month of the new year. These are goals. And all goals are malleable, to a certain degree, so they may change and grow throughout the year. But this is my starting point:

Pay down my debt

I owe a great deal of money in medical bills. I have been without health insurance for three years, and though I have been able to acquire charity care when hospitalized, that only covers the hospitals’ services, not the physicians. So I have quite a few medical bills that I have not been able to work into my monthly budget yet. I plan to find a way to work them in, even if it means paying $10 a month.

See the eye doctor and dentist

These are two areas I have been avoiding for far too long. My eyesight is declining, and there is a distinct possibility that I may need to add bifocals to my already complicated lenses. I also plan on getting more contacts, especially considering I do a lot of special events that require me to dress up, and the glasses just aren’t cutting it with the glam.

I won’t go into detail with my dental needs, but I do know I have at least two cavities and I really need a good cleaning. Plus, with my diabetes, dental care is a must. I would like to keep these teeth as long as I can.

Re-finish my china cabinet

Well, maybe find someone who will do it for me for a small sum of money. I got this cabinet second hand for a steal, but it really needs to be sanded down and repainted. This is not something I can do myself because I just know I will screw it up and waste more money trying to fix it. I am not into DIY for a reason.

Figure out this storage situation

I love the house I am renting, and I hope to be able to stay here for a while. The only down side to this house is that it has no practical storage. The only closets in the house are in our bedrooms, and are therefore filled with clothing and linens. Right now my dining room looks like I just moved in and I have been here over a year and a half. There is an attic space that I can use, but it does not have easy access (seriously, there is just a door in the ceiling, with no ladder or anything) and there is no flooring, just beams and insulation. That’s another DIY project I have not undertaken because of A) my fear of heights and enclosed spaces, and B) my inability to figure out how to make it usable an easily accessible.

Resolve, once and for all, the issues with DDD/DCF

Jaime was approved for assistance through the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) several years ago, yet whenever I try to obtain any assistance, no one knows his name, nor do they have anything resembling answers for me. Now, with the transition from DDD to the Division of Children and Families (DCF), I have my work cut out for me even more. Along these lines, I need to secure certain equipment for Jaime to help us both with his Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), either through his health insurance or DCF.

Get back into the swing of school

I have applied and been accepted (conditionally) to Colorado State University – Global Campus. I just need to get all of my transcripts to them so they can do a formal evaluation. In addition, there are four scholarships for which I qualify, so I need to apply as soon as the new application period opens and cross my fingers that I can get one or all of them (I’m already $20k in the hole with student loans, and this is going to be at least another $15k).

Secure an iPad with apps for Jaime

Jaime could greatly benefit from the use of an iPad with appropriate apps for communication (he is non-verbal and has a very difficult time communicating) and for fine motor skills. I have applied for a few grants so far, and I will continue to look into others until I am able to get one. With all of the bells and whistles he will need, the cost would be around $1,000, which I cannot afford myself.

Get Ben moving

Ben needs to be involved in some kind of after-school activity. He has his heart set on playing lacrosse this year, which I will sign him up for. But he really needs to be kept occupied outside of school hours. Unfortunately, we don’t have any neighbors with whom he can play, so I am hoping some after-school clubs might help.

Find the time and the right method to get some exercise

Since I am 24/7 mom to Jaime, I don’t really have any spare time to go out and exercise. I can’t afford to join a gym and then not go because I don’t have anyone to watch Jaime. Not to mention, working out bores me to tears. So I not only need to find the time, but I need to find the right regimen for me, something that will keep me motivated and going.

Find easy ways to eat healthier

I have already done a little research and implemented a few small things in order to achieve this. I’m not talking about going on a diet, because I refuse to diet. But adding healthy things to our menu is an adjustment I should be able to make. I’m looking at healthier methods of cooking, time saving ideas so I don’t resort to the quick but unhealthy choices, healthier ingredient alternatives (I substituted milled flaxseed for an egg in my meatballs tonight and it was a great success. Not that one egg would have been unhealthy, but the flaxseed is just a LOT healthier.), and any other ideas I find in my quest.

Raise money for Jaime’s wheelchair van

Since it is becoming more apparent that this is going to be needed very soon, I figure I ought to make it come to me, instead of hoping it will come to me. I’ll be starting with CP awareness and making Jaime’s face and condition more known in the community, then launching a true grassroots fundraising effort throughout the year. More on that to come.


Yes, I know, this is not a great goal. But I have several in mind and I would like to get just two this year. I want first the monogram I designed for myself and the boys, and then our awareness ribbons (which I need to have designed based on my inspiration images).

Our monogram
Our monogram








So that’s it for now. Like I said, goals are malleable, so they will change and grow as I see how things progress. But the spirit of the goals will remain. And I may add some, who knows.


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