Well there goes that idea…

So, I’ve already fallen behind in my writing exercises. Though, in my defense, the second challenge seemed really bizarre and I lost interest. Yeah, that’s just about the breadth of my attention. Oh well, on to other things. I will continue to look at his challenges and maybe engage in others. But I know myself and I don’t really follow through on things that often, so this is no surprise.

Not to mention, all the writing I have been doing has been via text message with the incredibly sexy and sexual guy I have been talking to. Not the same kind of writing I usually do. But, I have been quite sure to use my usual writing style, along with my strong command of language, grammar, and spelling. Of that I should be proud. I think. And I think it counts as writing exercises. Expanding my mind and putting thoughts into words like I haven’t done before. It’s actually quite liberating. And titillating…but that’s a story for another type of website…

But seriously, there is a component of practice there. Yes, I know it’s sexting (and I am also aware it is against FCC regulations). But sometimes we are so shy about our thoughts, when really we shouldn’t be. He and I are both adults with similar desires, so why shouldn’t we share that? Texting requires that you put it in writing rather than speak it. So, in these few days, I have put a lot of intense, personal feelings into words, spelled them out, and made them concrete. All fear of judgment or disdain put aside. It feels good. And to read the words and feel the depth behind them is very rewarding. I’m able to convey a sense of desire and passion in words, where others are not able. Don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of starting a career in writing erotic fiction any time soon, but it reinforces my ability to get emotion and passion and abstractions into words.

So, I feel that although I did the wrong assignment, my writing exercises are continuing and I am doing good work. I will not submit my assignments for feedback, since they are intimate and private between two consenting adults. But suffice it to say, they are well done and my points were all well made and eagerly accepted.

**Pats herself on the back**


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