I’ve decided to do a little series of exercises coordinated by a writer of writing (yes that sounds weird, but he is a writer who teaches other writers how to better their art). I always feel like my work could use some improvement, even when I am truly pleased with the outcome of a particular piece. And as you can tell, this blog has no single purpose, other than for me to write about, well, stuff…

So the first exercise is to “Declare.”

“So here’s what I want you to do today: Declare you’re a writer.

“Not just to your wall or computer or notebook, but to an actual person or institution. Someone or something you’re scared of — this could be a person who might reject or judge you, a family member who may misunderstand you, or a publisher who could discredit you. But tell them and tell them now.

“Do it with pride and boldness. Write about it, tweet it about, record a video if you want. The more outrageous it is, the more likely you are to believe. This is what we’re trying to do here: convince ourselves that we have the right to pick up the pen.”

(I have a link for you to check out under my links page. This is my first challenge, so I don’t know how well it works, but what can it hurt?)

Here goes:

I AM A WRITER. And if you don’t believe that I believe I am a writer, then simply look at my URL. That’s right, it’s WRITER MAGS. It’s been my handle for years. I even get people who ask me about it when I tell them my email address. “Oh, are you a writer?” (Duh…) Or, “Do you write books or what?” I usually tell them I write creative non-fiction, or business/marketing pieces. Then they lose interest. But I don’t really care. I actually know how important some of my writing is, and yes, I have been paid for it, so I am a professional writer. Sometimes copywriter, sometimes ghostwriter, sometimes totally unpaid and under-appreciated writer…but writer nonetheless.

And I am proud to be a writer. I find it to be one of the nicer gifts I could have. I think that people who are able to express themselves in an intelligent manner always seem to be able to get the upper hand. (And yes, I am that awful spelling/grammar nazi, sorry). I even text message in complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar. Take that!

Now, if I can just get some of my mojo back after not writing for a while, I can once again feel confident in sharing my writing. I haven’t promoted this blog at all other than to list on my social media sites in my “about” sections. A few people have seen it, but I don’t have a following yet, and that is ok for now. Once I feel confident again, I will start promoting.

So, challenge number 1 complete! Next challenge, “Believe”.


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